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Details Innovations of Knowledge Management

Innovations of Knowledge Management Innovations of Knowledge Management highlights the broad range of topics that fall under the term knowledge management, thus emphasizing the large role knowledge management plays in organizations. As a compilation ...

121,84 EUR*
Details The Strategic Management of Innovation: A Sociological and Economic Theory (New Horizons in the Economics of Innovation)

The Strategic Management of Innovation This work deals with the complex social process of managing an innovative organization using strategy. The author presents a fresh sociology-based theory of innovation in firms which combines developments in ...

28,46 EUR*
Details The A to Z of Idea Management for Organizational Improvement and Innovation 3rd Edition

The A to Z of Idea Management for Organizational Improvement and Innovation 3rd Edition "The A to Z of Idea Management for Organizational Improvement and Innovation" explains how to avoid problems that can undermine idea systems, reward good ideas ...

52,43 EUR*
Details Strategic Management of Technological Innovation

Broschiertes BuchIt is organized to mirror the strategic management process used in most strategy textbooks progressing from assessing the competitive dynamics of a situation to strategy formulation to strategy implementation.

165,84 EUR*
Details Management of Convergence in Innovation: Strategies and Capabilities for Value Creation Beyond Blurring Industry Boundaries (Contributions to Management Science)

Management of Convergence in Innovation In the past decade, technological convergence, the coming-together of previously distinct knowledge bases, not only promises to create new value, but may imply significant disruptions to established industries ...

76,49 EUR*
Details E-Business Innovation and Change Management

e-Business Innovation and Change Management E-business is an innovation that brings with it new ways of dealing with customers and business partners, new revenue streams, new ways of processing information, new organization structures, new skill sets ...

170,99 EUR*
Details Knowledge Management for Process, Organizational and Marketing Innovation: Tools and Methods (Premier Reference Source)

Knowledge Management for Process, Organizational and Marketing Innovation Outlines different tools and technologies that can be applied depending on the type of innovation an organization desires. This title provides advice on the different types of ...

67,59 EUR*
Details Teleworking: New International Perspectives from Telecommuting to the Virtual Organisation (The Management of Technology and Innovation)

Teleworking Based on a conference held at Brunel University, this assessment examines all facets of teleworking. Contributors explore many issues including: conceptualizing teleworking; the management of spatial, temporal and cultural boundaries; and ...

97,12 EUR*
Details Boundary Management: Developing Business Architectures for Innovation

Boundary Management This book presents the concept of business architecture and optimizing processes as a corporate system based on multiple corporate case studies, including Sony, NTT-DATA, NTT-DoCoMo, Toyota, Honda, Omron, Takara, Recruit, First ...

51,95 EUR*
Details Managing and Shaping Innovation

Managing and Shaping Innovation enables students to understand the theories of innovation and to appreciate technological change and the management of innovation in organisations. The presentation and discussion of the theory and research in the book ...

25,16 EUR*
Details Creativity at Work: Developing the Right Practices to Make Innovation Happen (J-B University of Michigan Business School Management Series)

Although many leaders acknowledge and invest in creativity, we seldom see it hold a credible place in the business development process. Creativity at Work takes a practical approach to creativity, showing how to select practices to produce results and ...

57,49 EUR*
Details Technology Management: Concepts and Perspectives

Includes: "Technology Management: An Overview"; "Dynamics of Technology Management & Humanware"; "Linking Science & Technology with Industry"; and, "Technology Roadmapping for Commercializing Strategic Innovations".

321,76 EUR*
Details Strategy, Value and Risk - The Real Options Approach: Reconciling Innovation, Strategy and Value Management (Finance and Capital Markets Series)

Strategy, Value and Risk - The Real Options Approach "Real Options", a type of advanced financial analysis, applies financial option theory to real assets and offers a strategic framework that recognizes the need for management flexibility and to ...

157,06 EUR*
Details Platforms, Markets and Innovation

Platforms, Markets and Innovation The emergence of platforms is a novel phenomenon impacting most industries, from products to services. This book provides an overview of platforms and discusses governance, management, design and knowledge issues. It ...

61,49 EUR*
Details Business Model Innovation

Rooted in strategic management research, Business Model Innovation explores the concepts, tools, and techniques that enable organizations to gain and/or maintain a competitive advantage in the face of technological innovation, globalization, and an ...

32,49 EUR*
Details Introducing Management: A Development Guide

Introducing Management Explaining the principles and practice of management, this book is suitable for both new and existing managers to assist them in their role. It incorporates the innovations in management thinking and reflects the changes within ...

12,99 EUR*
Details The Innovation Premium: How Next Generation Companies Are Achieving Peak Performance And Profitability

Experts from Arthur D. Little, the world's leaders in innovation management, show companies of all sizes how to reap the financial and competitive rewards of successful innovation.. In today's constantly shifting marketplace, "innovation" has become ...

32,28 EUR*
Details Leading the Revolution: How to Thrive in Turbulent Times by Making Innovation a Way of Life

One of the world's preeminent business thinkers and co-author of the bestseller, Competing for the Future, Gary Hamel helped set the management agenda for the 1990s. He now brings us into the twenty-first century with Leading the Revolution, which ...

45,49 EUR*
Details Leading Learners, Leading Schools

Leading Learners, Leading Schools Building on the work of Michael Fullan, Robin Brooke-Smith proposes that we need to apply new dynamic frames and theories of management to highlight and explore ways that can generate rich innovation.

200,99 EUR*
Details Inter-Firm Collaboration, Learning and Networks: An Integrated Approach

Inter-firm Collaboration, Learning and Networks Emphasizing learning and innovation, this book offers an integrated account of the key issues in the design and management of inter-firm relations and networks. It brings together perspectives from ...